Using the latest High Definition equipment, we produce property videos that stand out from the rest. We do not create ‘photo slideshows’ or ‘cookie cutter’ videos with a pre recorded message. We create unique videos to highlight each property in its best light, and advertise your agency.

We operate on fast turnarounds, with our standard property videos completed within days, not weeks or months. (subject to footage and reviews)

Our two base packages offer plenty of flexibility to create a style to suit your brand, whether it is elegant text on screen, energetic music and a charismatic agent, or a more reflective style featuring a vendor interview.

We also offer a range of ‘add ons’ to allow even more options in our videos. These include express delivery, aerial (drone) imagery and deluxe concept development, where we create a unique video from storyboard to delivery, which stands out, and attracts attention.


Standard Property Videos

A great all rounder. Our standard property videos feature either an agent talking through the features of the property, or text on screen. We take high quality imagery and highlight the best parts of the property.

Premium Property Videos

While similar to our standard property videos, our premium package shows us a little bit more about the property and the area it is in. Featuring an agent, vendor on screen, or voiceover.