18 May How are 3D Property Tours used in the real world?

With 3D Property Tours becoming more and more popular, they are now being used in a wide range of instances. We’ve noticed a number of trends in various industries, with the real estate industry having the most uses. As these tours continue to become more mainstream, more and more uses will emerge.

Real Estate Marketing

3D Property Tours allow agents to add an extra dimension to their property listings, and allow them to stand out from the pack when trying to win listings. The most common use in marketing properties is to have a scan available as part of an online listing for a property, on Realestate.com.au, Domain.com.au or an agencies website. They can also be used when sending a prospective buyer information via email, and in person.

Home Builders

Home builders have an exciting opportunity to use 3D property tours to showcase home designs that have been built, or by capturing various display homes from across the regions, state or country, and make them available for clients to view. Another way that 3D property tours can be used is to show progress in the building process to clients that can’t inspect their property during the build process.

Accommodation Providers

Hotels, motels, short stay rentals and Airbnb style providers are all starting to use 3D Property Tours in their marketing. It allows anyone looking for accommodation to have an even better idea of what they are going to get when they stay, and give them more confidence before they book.


Conference centres, community halls, theatres, function and wedding venues all can showcase their spaces using 3D Property Tours. This allows interstate and similar events to be planned with ease, and add confidence to those booking. Scans can also be used to showcase various configurations of a space – no more trying to explain how it looks to an unconvinced client!

These are just some examples of what can be done using the latest 3D Property Tours – and there are countless other uses.