18 May 3D Property Tours – What are they?

3D Property Tours are emerging as one of the greatest new technologies in the Real Estate industry, and is also proving popular in the Hospitality and Accommodation sectors, but what exactly is it?

Using a specialised camera, spaces are scanned to capture both image, and 3D data using infrared technology, to create an accurate and complete model of a space. This is then processed before being presented in an embeddable online format, which allows users to virtually walk through a property. Some are likening this to Google’s Street View functionality, except inside of a space or property.

This is an exciting prospect for a wide range of industries, as people from all over the world are able to see inside a space as if they are there, all from their computer, phone or tablet.

As this exciting new technology has developed, we are now seeing functionality to use these scans within the latest Virtual Reality headsets from Samsung and Oculus, meaning that a completely interactive experience is possible using these devices, which actually make you feel like you are in a space! This has to be experienced to be believed. As this new VR technology starts to enter the main stream, this is an exciting opportunity for early adopters to get ahead of the pack.

The uses of 3D scans vary widely, but often they are used on online listings for real estate and short stay accommodation (Airbnb, holiday rentals, hotels), and also for marketing any property that can’t be easily accessed. For example, some home builders are using this technology to scan various home designs once they are built, so clients can walk through a property without needing to travel across the countryside to reach an available display – as they continue to scan each design, they will eventually build a collection of all of their designs, allowing anyone entering any of their displays or offices to view any design, or to be sent a link via email.

This technology is only getting better, with improvements constantly coming.


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